Magical shrinking potion

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I am one of THOSE people – you know the kind – who hate to be constrained by limits. Any limit. Even spatial limits.  Last night, there I was trying to share my thoughts on a re-configuration of the living room. I think BIG. I dream up ways in which I can have it all – function, form, fashion and FUN.

On the other hand, Mr. Party Pooper is trying to convince me that the dining room table without the leaf and slightly fewer chairs will not fit in the area where the bookcase is and that the new tv plus stand will essentially equal the same mass as the current monstrous projection tv we have and that all we gain in space is air (i.e. non-usable space). Then the slipper chairs I was considering are too wide. Apparently, they are just too big for where we want them. I am not sure how much smaller we can go. The chairs have to be wide enough to fit our butts on them. Anyway, the measuring tape came out and there was all sorts of discussion but I wasn’t ready to give up. At this point, it was all conjecture. Nothing had been moved around so how do we really know? I believe it’s possible. That’s when Mr. Party Pooper tells me that yes it’s possible with some magical shrinking potion that we can apply to various pieces of furniture to make them fit in spaces they cannot. This is wonderland. After all.

Well to be perfectly honest, I recall a similar conversation when it came to our office space during which I was told that  my work cabinet was too deep and that when opening the closet door, the door wouldn’t clear the cabinet because there simply wasn’t enough room. Let’s just say the cabinet went in the exact spot I wanted it to and there is a foot and a third gap between the closet when opening and said cabinet. Something worth remembering when Mr. Party Pooper tells me that I am not so good with the whole interior spatial design thing and should do what I am good at – picking out throw pillows. (Oh no he didn’t!) 😛

So I am leaving room for the possibility that the configuration I have drawn up will in fact work. As is. And if all else fails, I might be in the market for a magical shrinking potion.

Today we have shelved the living room configuration saga in exchange for some portfolio development, resume finalizing and grocery shopping. Oh and possibly movie watching tonight since I didn’t get to finish New Moon yesterday.

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