There is no sun today but I can imagine it. I bought this rad bottle of J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Lotion yesterday and it makes me hungry for lemon poppyseed cake – in the worst way. The smell is intoxicating and happily for me it eliminates exposure to some of the more common toxic ingredients in personal care products. Anyway, lemon cream and lemon poppyseed cake got me thinking about yellow. Spring yellow. Sunshine yellow.

(Photo set by Little Brown Pen)

This amazing set of 9 photos entitled Paris in Yellow will soon find their home on my living room wall. I have decided that we need more yellow in our home and in our lives. That led me to think about other ways we could integrate yellow into the living room.

(Corn Silk Storage Cube from West Elm)

(Blair Smocked Drape from Pottery Barn)

Today is a Tegan & Sara kind of day. Crank it up!

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