Movie night

Ever have one of those nights when all you want to do is watch movies? Friday nights are generally good for that kind of thing. I worked on my little-laptop-that-could and parked myself in front of the TV.

I watched Adam – a beautiful film about a young man’s personal struggles and triumphs living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

And I finally saw Precious. It was exquisite and horrifying. It is one of those movies during which you discover your mind can only grasp so much. There are some things I will never understand.

Interestingly enough, both protagonists – Adam and Precious – use their imaginations to cope with their realities.

Adam: My brain works differently from N.T.’s.
Beth: N.T.’s?
Adam: Neurotypicals. Sometimes I can’t understand them…especially when they mean something different from what they’re actually saying.
Beth: You don’t do that?
Adam: No, most Aspies are really honest. Psychologists think it’s a lack of imagination. But psychologists are mostly N.T.’s. Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Mozart, they all had lots of imagination.
Beth: They had Asperger’s?
Adam: Probably.

Love it! Saturday has begun – albeit slowly. Khatina and I had a mini-yoga session on the kitchen floor. No one rocks Downward Dog better than a dog. Now I am going to kick start the afternoon with a run and then some errands and finally, work. I am going to figure out a way to grab some fresh air and sun too. Can’t waste a good thing!


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