Little bit of red


(T-shirt found here.)

Tuesday is here and that means only 6 more days until I go home. It’s been an interesting morning. I had a call with someone to discuss potentially facilitating a large discussion using the World Cafe method. A little bit of me felt like I was sharing too much information. I don’t want to give away the milk for free so to speak. Anyway, we will see where this goes.

So what’s up for this week?

I have two reports to write plus some key stuff to get moving on for Healthy Schools Day. The Partnership is meeting on Friday morning and so much must be accomplished before then.

The tax (wo)man is coming on Thursday and I will happily hand over all of my receipts and excel spreadsheets. Ugh! Thank goodness someone went into accounting because I am SO not cut out for it. Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to hire  a bookkeeper to deal with paying bills, generating invoices, tallying up receipts, etc… But then, I wake-up and remember that I am a total control freak and would NEVER relinquish this kind of responsibility to someone else. Still. I can fantasize.

I have a few new posts slated for the iP site based on questions I have been getting about things like: 1) where to buy hormone-free/non-factory-farmed meat; 2) how to move from current house to an eco-house with regards to cleaning agents and other consumer products; and 3) which toxic ingredients in personal care products to be on the look out for and to avoid.  So I am working on getting that info out there.

I had a great run yesterday that has inspired a post (of course!) and some happiness. I also discovered a series of exercises that has awakened muscles in my inner thighs. (Imagine! I actually have muscles there. This is fantastic news!)

And today?

I’m wearing my “little bit of red” tee  – pictured above. It makes me feel a little bit clever and totally hardcore. Lots of stuff on the go here including adding more events to my March calendar. Oh! And sharing more wedding photos via facebook and flickr. (Yes, for real there are more photos!)

Rock and roll, Tuesday.


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