Dancing star


Love this Nietzsche quote. Picked up the card for a friend. This is part of a larger gift which will make more sense in a few days.

Today I have fun work to do and prepare the last of the ‘thank you’ photos from our wedding. I am back in the Peg a.k.a. Winnie-the-Pooh-ville. Still looking for that wormhole to make travelling easier. Happy to be back with the pups but sad to be missing Thursday morning with my hubby.

The HRMAM Excellence in Leadership Awards Gala is tonight and we are getting all razzle dazzled. Options for Success is being honoured. Woot woot!


One thought on “Dancing star

  1. Speaking of your thanks yous, just got it today! Then Paul look at it and says, “i forgot to mail the wedding card, its in the car’s glove box.” So now that its in better hands it will be mailed this weekend! I feel SO horrible!

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