Good food + fresh air

Back to Monday. It was actually a pretty chill weekend around here. The sun came out in full force and that warmed things up so much so that I could crack open the windows a bit to let the air flow through the house. If I had to describe this weekend as anything it seemed to be about good food and fresh air.

Saturday was pretty relaxed. We meandered out to the Drake Hotel for brunch at their cafe. Then we walked back home taking the “secret way” and did some window shopping for houses we want to buy. There are some real treasures to be found. Love this old building pictured above located just a bit north of West Queen West that was converted into residential condominiums. Although the photo doesn’t do it justice, there is a big union-station-style clock above the building entrance.

Sunday we were all about gathering food and wine for a lovely Oscar evening. Well it was about that an tracking down some high quality kraft paper. Not as easy as I thought – I discovered I am very particular about my kraft paper. But it all came together.

For Oscar night I gathered together an army of fresh food for our party for TWO. I decided it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of my cooking/baking skills. Go FRESH or go home. The older I get the less enamoured with processed and pre-packaged foods I become. Yep – we could have just ordered pizza but where’s the fun in that?

So this is what we had:

  • Rosemary focaccia crostini topped with vine-ripened tomatoes, onion, herbs and kalamata olives (for me) and sliced mini-boccocini (for Mike)
  • Golden pomme frites seasoned with sea salt and fresh peppercorns (These were baked not FRIED.)
  • Fresh balsamic glazed chicken wings (Rubbed, marinated and baked by me. Eaten by Mike and Peter.)
  • Chewy Crumbly vegan chocolate chip cookies (not as good as I had hoped)
  • A bottle of Quinta de Azevedo white wine

Ok now for the good stuff…

  • Loved Sandra Bullock’s dress and speech.
  • Loved the John Hughes tribute – wow does Molly Ringwald ever look great.
  • Loved that Jeff Bridges won Best Actor.
  • Loved that UP won for Best Animated Film.
  • Not a fan of Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin’s off-colour jokes – although their duo was one of the things I was looking forward to the most. Big disappointment.
  • Not a fan of this year’s Oscar fashion for women in general. Kind of blah folks.

 Going to the movies tonight to hopefully see an Oscar-winning film. Got some work and packing to do before then. Off I go!


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