Supper club


(Photo via The Roosevelt Room)

Welcome Friday. Here you are. My favourite day of the week. I have been mostly holed up in my house for the last two days and I am craving some fresh air and a change of scenery. I undertook something on Wednesday that was supposed to be short and sweet – changing over the inspiredpractice site to the blog. It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be seamless. It was supposed to eliminate the need for me to figure out CSS or mySQL or PHP. Ugh! It did not go how I thought it would but as my mom always tells me nothing is FREE and apparently nothing is EASY either. If you think something is going to be easy – think again. Anyway, the silver lining is that I learned some new things, developed some new skills and the outcome is more or less what I wanted – even if the process was gruelling.

Moving on…

Today is a great day for a number of reasons.

  1. I slept in. Love that and totally needed it.
  2. I got to chat with this amazing change agent working in the sustainability field and grow my brain a bit. This morning via skype Sara in Sweden and I in Toronto took an hour out of our respective days to have intelligent conversation about the world. It was so great! We chatted about our work (hers is with the Natural Step) and Tanzania (she spent a year there working on a CIDA-funded project) and the sustainability of non-profit organizations (i.e. most are not) and our own criticisms of the environmental movement and the social side of sustainability and Manfred Max-Neef  and lots more stuff. Although I woke up only a few minutes before our scheduled chat and my head was fuzzy, I felt like I was able to keep up with the mental exercise.
  3. I have a few hours to get some stuff done before I head out for a hot date. I wanted to get my nails done here but I don’t think I will have time today so maybe tomorrow. My hot date is of course with Mike and we will be dining at The Roosevelt Room tonight. Can’t wait! Doesn’t it look like a lot of fun? There’s nothing like a little hollywood glamour at a supper club to send you into a divine weekend.

Ok Friday – so far so good. Now let’s really BRING it!


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