The littlest birds

Didn’t feel particularly exuberant this morning. It was a toss-and-turn kind of night. And there is lots to do today (which is already half over – sort of). But some things got done yesterday.

I am putting together a draft resolution for Healthy Schools Day in Manitoba and writing reports. I also have a lot of online updates to get through.

I made the tough decision yesterday that I intend to shut down my current iP website and instead have that url redirected to the inspiredpractice blog. It kind of breaks my heart to do this because so much art and love went into the original iP site but the layout and content is so outdated and I can’t keep up. I also can’t afford to do an overhaul right now. I am not a coder. I have no website development skills that are not self-taught and I find that the wordpress software is just so much easier to deal with. Plus I love widgets. I can change them up all the time. Not to mention my header. You have to understand something about me to appreciate why static/stagnant websites bug me. When I was younger, every 6 months I would reorganize my bedroom – rearrange the furniture, pictures, posters, etc…

I like change. Speaking of which, spring is going to be here soon so I have decided to get in the mood. I am listening to the Be Good Tanyas today. Their music makes me think of spring because… The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs.


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