If. I had a band, I would name it The NorthEnders.

If. I could eat anything for dinner, I would have lots of delicious wine on hand and would nosh on bread, olives, blue cheese, pears and figs. Followed by a tasting of everything on the dessert cart.

If. I had to pick a theme song for my life at this moment, it would be Walk or Ride by The Ditty Bops.

If. I were reincarnated into an animal, I would be a giraffe (with my head up in the clouds).

If. I could pick any global leader (dead or alive) as my next door neighbour, I would choose the late Eleanor Roosevelt because we could have endlessly fascinating conversations while collecting our mail or picking weeds out of the garden. I think we could accomplish great things together in our ‘hood. (Read this book and you will understand.)

[Update: I asked Mike these questions on Wednesday night at around 1am while we were settling into bed. His picks were somewhat surprising. I will let him share if he wants but I will say that he had a much longer list of which global leaders he WOULDN’T want as a next door neighbour than a list of which ones he would want.]

Ok your turn.

I am going to turn this if. thing into a regular series on Prairie Girl. They are fun and encourage our imaginations. I would LOVE to hear your answers to these if. questions so please share below.

One thought on “If.

  1. If.If I rulled there would be no large/pick up trucks on the road.

    If. If had the power I would do away with processed foods especially for infants.

    If.if I had the time this morning I would have had a cup a coffee

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