Part 5: Merci

On the day of our wedding, I found myself to be wholly overwhelmed emotionally. When the makeup artist at MAC asked me if I thought I would need “waterproof” mascara for my wedding, I laughed. What for? Isn’t all that crying at weddings more H0llywood movie drama than actual reality? No, I guess not.

There are so many reasons, I’m sure, for why it was an emotional day but bottom line is that there was so much happiness and love being showered on Mike and I that there was no place for it to go but through my tear ducts. I say that not just referring to the 20 people who were physically at the wedding but also from the many who were thinking of us on our wedding day, who sent wishes and gifts, and whose presence was felt even though they weren’t in the room.

A hundred thank yous must go to so very many people… (Beware: This is really long. Sorry!)

  • Mike – for marrying me in the first place, for being the CUTEST (shhh…it’s our secret!), for understanding that when I take something on it has got to be done RIGHT, and for really helping out on the last few days before the wedding (thanks for being my rock!).
  • Mom – for EVERYTHING you have ever done for me since I was just a fetus but more specifically, for being my best friend (I love you so much my heart might explode), for always encouraging me to be who I am and for supporting the vision Mike and I had for our wedding (i.e. especially for not making me wear a veil!).
  • Dad – for being the greatest man in my life for as long as I can remember, for always listening to me, for making me laugh, and for bringing Bob Marley into my life.
  • Khorie – for being an amazing brother, for the beautiful reciting of the Alchemist reading during our wedding ceremony, and for making you and me such a great team.
  • Uncle Manny – for being  an inspiration to me, your family, your students and community, for giving Mike the uncle-manny-stamp-of-approval, for your soul-stirring music and for being the best MOH ever!
  • Uncle Brad – for your unwavering support and always AWESOME attitude, for inspiring me to find the silver lining, and for emceeing the reception and making it a ton of fun.
  • Mickenzie – for always being willing to lend a hand but mostly, for brightening my day with your beautiful smile and spirit.
  • Jean – for being the coolest mother-in-law in history, and for introducing me to new and fun experiences (i.e. bellydancing).
  • Peter – for being such a nice guy (really you always rise to the occasion), for (mostly) keeping your New Year’s Resolution to clean up more and for being a great best man (i.e. not losing the rings!).
  • Carol – for being the sister I never had, for the Velveteen Rabbit reading at our wedding, and for being okay with the presence of me in Mike’s life even when it means having less time with him.
  • Andy – for your speech during the wedding reception and for making Mike’s day (i.e. it wouldn’t have been the same without you).
  • Sanela & Brian – for being such a sweet couple, for working each day to save lives, and for your unbelievable generosity of spirit.
  • Jen & Mike – for your friendship, for inspiring us as a couple and as world-changers, and as connoisseurs of delectable desserts, for loving our wedding cake (i.e. making it worthy of non-vegan love)!
  • Andrew – for being such a great friend to Mike, and for always warming my heart every time I see you.  
  • Bridgette – for your sweet presence at our wedding, and for your cool donation to World Vision in our name (you totally get us!).
  • David, Dietrich & Maura – for being Mike’s extended family, for making the trip and showing Mike (and me) how much he means to you guys, and for great company and conversation.

To the following people for your heartfelt wishes and being there “in spirit”: Luis, Lucy, Shane & Chaise Calisto; George, Laura, Kevin, Shawn & Laura Ashley Calisto; Joe & Karen Calisto; John & Filomena Tavares; Jessie, Paul, Makenzie, Victoria & Noah Tavares; Michael & Marilou Tavares; Manuel & Liberta Tavares; Donna Spevakow & Sandy McKean; Kim Kiemeney & Family; Anna Fuller & Family; Manuel Calisto; Maria Tavares; Stephanie Cardwell-Clitheroe; Kristen Grzan; and the huge number of beautiful people who sent wishes via Facebook.

To my late grandparents, Jesuina Calisto and João Tavares, and Mike’s late father, Mike Foderick for being there in our hearts and especially in the hearts of their children.

With thanks and appreciation to our wedding vendors: Jonathan Robert, Julie LeBlanc at Decorum, Isabelle Radford at Chateau Frontenac, David Jacques, LPK’s Culinary Groove, Marie-Soleil at Les Halles en Fleurs, Mario, Phillipe & Jeremy at Oh!Pino, Keith Whitlock, Sarah & Amanda at The Devil’s Workshop, Yoko Chapman, and Melanie Fecteau.


3 thoughts on “Part 5: Merci

  1. Thank you both for all the love you bring into our lives, for inspiring us to be better, live more sustainably, for opening your hearts, minds & souls to us and the greater world….and for simply being who you both are!!

  2. Wish we could have been there! We are glad to have been some small part of your big day! You now have a life time of joy, happiness and everything inbetween!
    Jessie and Paul

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