This was the scene on Yonge Street tonight. A little hockey action in honour of a great game.

A sea of red.

And waving the Canadian flag.

Happy Olympic GOLD day Canada! And to all others, thanks for joining us on our home soil. (Please don’t hold the closing ceremonies against us!!!)


2 thoughts on “Proud

  1. Hey..I love the closing was awesome and ended the whole incredible two weeks on the perfect note.
    Seriously..I thought Sydney did a great job at the Olympics..this was the best ever, hands down!! I don’t usually like them….lol 🙂

    PS – the game was amazing..we watched it downtown at Tavern United ( great sports bar..) with the place brimming in a sea of red, maple leafs and energy. We had friends & family with us..and after that awesome win..we took to the streets, and joined the masses at Portage & Main, for roaring, epic celebrations, that went on and on and on and on…..
    Cars driving up and down Portage, honking horns, blaring music..strangers hugging, laughing, crying with joy – outburts of O Canada at every possible moment…and street hockey games that ended up closing down the busiest section in the city…while the police looked on..smiling…..and joining in with the cheers.
    It truly was a magical, jubliant…EPIC time to remember!!!

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