i believe

(Photo credit: David Gray, Reuters)

So how many times have you cried during the last 14 days of the Olympics? Don’t worry you are in good company. I am so so so happy for Joannie Rochette. She is a true Olympian – hers is a Herculean tale. But I am also so so so heart broken for her….

I do have a few critical tasks to get done today beyond Olympic spectatorship. 😉 Working on some Champions for Children’s Environmental Health Workshop wrap-up and MUST finalize my application for the ReVision 2010 conference hosted by Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada.

This weekend is going to be great. A little bit of yoga, top-to-bottom cleaning house, some website updates, attention to my portfolio development and my first Creative Women’s Entrepreneurial Alliance of Toronto event. Plus men’s hockey is on. Mike is away at training this weekend which means I get the bed all to myself.

Final wedding post is coming Monday (sorry for the delay!)

Alright Friday, let’s go!

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