Take a walk

Somedays don’t you just want to take a walk? Stretch your legs. Breathe in the fresh air. Look around. There is always a ton to take in. In Toronto, there is always so much to see. My mental camera is constantly clicking away. Since it’s not (yet) possible to show you what’s all in my head, I brought along an actual camera on my walk today. It’s easier that way. These are some of the photos I snapped on my walk through Parkdale and West Queen West.

The photo above was at the top of my list. I caught a glimpse of it along with a super sweet Olympic hearts tee in the window the other night. Before I procced, I have to give mega KUDOS to the very praise-worthy Clara Hughes (go PEGGER!) and two hardcore bobsledding duos Kaillie Humphries/Heather Moyse & Hellen Upperton/Shelley-Ann Brown.  All 5 of these rockin’ ladies are total speed demons and QUEENS of the Olympics. Did you know that 11.5 of the 15 medals Canada has been awarded were won by WOMEN? (No? I didn’t know that either until Brian Williams told me last night during his evening broadcast on CTV.) Very proud of them and to be Canadian.

Ok so back to my walk….

One photo I wish I had taken was of the police officer on horseback clip-clopping up Brock Street as I was coming out of the LCBO. Alas, no photo. My arms were full carrying wine bottles. Maybe next time.


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