Part 4: The little things

Back again with the final two installments of the Saying I Do series. I took a break from this to wait for our wedding photos. Since they have arrived (yay!), I am ready to wrap things up.  It is often the little things that make the difference. These are some of my favourite little things that truly made our wedding memorable.

In the above photo are four of my favourite things…

  • My bouquet (which originally I was going to nix altogether….so glad I didn’t)
  • This charm which was made from the left over metal used in our wedding bands. On each side is a first initial – K and M. I tied this charm around my wedding bouquet.
  • My “bridal” party was comprised of MEN! No maid of honour. No bridesmaids. I had Men of Honour. My uncle and my brother. How cool is that?

  • Mike’s polka dot socks which matched my polka dot nylons. I love that he wore them. In that same photo, you can see a ring on my hand. It was my grandmother’s and given to me after she died. Although her presence was felt during that entire day, it was one of my favourite things to be able to wear that ring in her honour.
  • The idea to ditch the traditional guest book in lieu of something a bit more fun. We had guests write wishes on a white board and then pose for a photo. I have created a collage of each shot which will be printed and go up on our wall so that we can be reminded of the love shared with us on our wedding day every day of our lives.
  • This moment when everyone was moved to tears by my uncle/MOH singing Winter Waltz.

  • There is something about pommes frites in martini glasses that makes me smile. They were really tasty too.
  • Everyone looked stunning but these ladies in red were super hot and gorgeous. The colour of their dresses match their radiant personalities.

  • Perhaps a minor detail but one of the little things that meant a lot to me, was that we had our reception dinner all at one table – family style. From the start, I had wanted a very intimate and connected wedding. I wanted to be able to converse with everyone at my wedding and although this was a long table, I was able to be a part (either actively or passively) of nearly every conversation taking place at the table.
  • Changing my dress to dance with my dad. Since he had danced with my mom in my wedding dress, I wanted to keep that moment special and instead wore a short little number for the party. The song we chose for the father-daughter dance – Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers – was also one of those little things. My dad and I have long since been big Bob Marley fans and our choice was really upbeat and set the tone for the rest of the reception.
  • My heart melting with each word of Mike’s vows.

  • All roads lead home…to me. This is what was written on the card that accompanied Mike’s wedding gift from me. A pair of functional compass cufflinks. He wore these with his tux on our wedding day.
  • Sliding into married life. Loved my uncle’s idea to get dressed back up in our wedding day duds and toboggan down the Glissades de Terrasse outside of Chateau Frontenac. Very memorable.
  • Confetti. I think I loved it because it was like big white paper snowflakes falling on our heads as we walked out for the first time as husband and wife.

Part 5 will be up by end of week and will end our Saying I Do series with a hundred thank yous.


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