Highs and lows


Did everyone enjoy my first guest post series on PrairieGirl? Aren’t those married couples just awesome?! Overall, the last 7 days have been quite busy and full of surprises. Since I was not blogging during that time, let me offer you some highlights and low points from last week.

HIGH: The Champions for Children’s Environmental Health Workshop was a HUGE success! We had such a great group of folks from all over Winnipeg and several from the Interlake area and Brandon. Additionally, our facilitator, Myriam delivered a half-day workshop to reps from the Healthy Child Manitoba Parent-Child coalitions which has fostered a continuing interest by the provincial government in addressing environmental health. That’s an amazing victory for us!

LOW: Getting rear-ended on Main Street. I was at a complete stop at the crosswalk just north of Logan waiting for these two guys to cross and the car behind me was zooming up the street and didn’t stop in time. No major damage to the car and I wasn’t hurt but definitely shaken up. I have never been in an accident and I was a little bundle of nerves the rest of the day.

HIGH: Wrapping up proposals for new speaking gigs and a BIG newcomer in trades project out the door. It wasn’t all about the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership last week though. I was working on 3 proposals for Options for Success that all had end of week deadlines. We totally brought it. The whole team just focused on it and got it done. It was just a little intense but all 3 proposals have been submitted so fingers crossed!

HIGH: Receiving our wedding photos in the mail! I am doing my best to move quickly on them so that I can get ‘thank yous’ out. I will also have two more wedding-related posts to share this week. Yay!

LOW: Being confronted with an unwanted visitor at our workshop venue who refused to leave. That moment alone was pretty awful but it got worse when the Executive Director of the organization hosting us pulled me aside to share her concerns. I was unbelievably embarrassed. And learned the hard way that we must be so careful who we let into our lives.

HIGH: Bumping into my former mentor, Priscilla, on the plane to Toronto. We had a few moments to chat and catch up on work, life and family. We got an extra bit of time to talk while waiting for our bags at Pearson Airport. Looking forward to scheduling a time to sit down once we both return to Winnipeg in March.

LOW: Discovering that I had accidentally booked my return flight to Winnipeg exactly at the time of the celebratory dinner honouring Options for Success as a nominee of the Diversity & Cultural Awareness Award through the Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba. Grrrr. I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that. Anyway, it got sorted but I do dislike it when such mistakes come with hefty price tags.

HIGH: Napping for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon and sleeping a full 9 hours on Saturday night. Wow! That is a total first for me in my life. I was so impressed with myself – especially with the nap.

HIGH: Every moment with my hubby. Last night, we chilled out and watched the Canada vs USA hockey game (the outcome of that was a bummer). We had a pretty good time – on the edge of our seats – and reminiscing about our days as kids enamoured with the sport. I had made us homemade pizzas to munch on during the game. The pizzas which are pictured above were totally delectable. His pizza was topped with tomato, fresh basil and proscuitto and mine was topped with spinach, figs, olives and pine nuts. Yum yum!

Now that last week is done. On to the next!

One thought on “Highs and lows

  1. Great to share some of your ‘ highs’ this week and I am sorry to hear about some of your ‘ lows’.
    Wisdom there in each one for all of us I think.

    I am taking inspiration from you…and off to pursue a nap – interesting the crossover between your successful napping and my musings yesterday on rest as a doorway to excellence!!

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