Kal & Dan on ‘The Art of Marriage’

Kal & Dan: Married October 09, 2006

[This] pretty much sums up how I feel, and I know Dan feels, about marriage. We are separate but stronger together. There is a Khalil Gibran quote much the same talking about how husband and wife are the pillars of a building and must stand together – but not too close as to compromise the roof. I love that.

(LoveLife art by Kal Barteski)

I see the Me in We and know I will always be rooting for You. Always. Oh, yes I will. Us. Together and different. Beautiful and separate. Together. Not two become one – each one becomes better – bigger – more. Together – and beautifully apart. We are not lost within each other – we are lost without. We. We are. You are. I am. We are We. I love You and I love Me and I love We.


[Editor’s Note: If you don’t already know Kal Barteski’s artwork, you will now. Looking for more? Go here.]


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