Thoughts for reflection

(Photo via the web)

These thoughts on The Art of Marriage were submitted to me anonymously. They reflect key elements in the art of marriage of the awesome couple who shared them. Read on.

  • Always be attentive to your partner. Be aware of feelings, of hopes, of dreams, of needs.  Be willing to provide any form of support that is needed, before your partner even asks for help.  That said, if your partner doesn’t want help, or isn’t ready for it, show that you are there as a pillar of support and be willing to listen and ask the right questions during difficult moments.
  • Share your gratitude with abundance.  When a thoughtful gesture or gift is shared, never take it for granted.  Be thankful and express your love with similar acts of kindness and spontaneity.  Identify things that you both enjoy and can collect together that have some meaning to your relationship.  For example, a certain type of souvenir that you may collect like rocks or other small objects.
  • Family time is so important.  Creating space and opportunities for shared experiences with family members and close friends helps to strengthen the bonds of your relationship.  Having family time as husband and wife, alone together, is also essential for nurturing your love and ensuring that an abundance of attention is shared directly towards one another and your relationship.
  • Grow together.  Some say that relationships fail because partners grow apart.  It is essential to continually grow, hand in hand, with open communication and dynamism.  Limiting your own learning will only create strain and frustration, so free your partner up to venture and explore new ways of seeing the world, and at times, jump in so that you don’t lose connection to one another’s head space and passions.
  • Shine outward and inward.  Ensure that the dynamics of your relationship allow each of you to shine without overshadowing your partner, and instead, illuminating one another.   Never put your partner down as a way to make yourself feel better.  If you are upset or angry and find yourself projecting this onto your partner, be mindful, quick to apologize and ‘fair’ in any accusation.  Be willing to take responsibility for your actions and for your feelings.  Be willing to listen and be committed  to creating a shared future together.
  • Oh! …and you can never say ‘I love you’ too many times 🙂 when you wake up in the morning, before you sleep at night and in quiet moments throughout the day….

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