Love day

For the first time in the history of Prairie Girl, I am turning over the reigns to some fabulous people for an inspired series – The Art of Marriage. As a newlywed, I am constantly fascinated by how unique each marriage is and how two people can both grow as individuals and as a couple over time. I like to think of marriage more as an ART than a science. There is no formula to follow in marriage or for that matter, no one way to be happily married. So all those “self help” and “marriage how-to” books out there are probably a big waste of TREES. Marriage is as INDIVIDUAL as the people who are in it. And that is INSPIRING.

What better day than love day to launch this series. Over the next week (February 15 to 20) you will hear from 6 couples who are creating their own unique masterpieces in LOVE and LIFE. This is not a series on marital advice or on the model marriage (what is that anyway?). Rather these copules will share their stories and secrets to their happiness.

To kick off the series today, Mike will be hijacking the blog to share our art of marriage in his voice I am sharing a beautiful reflection on the art of marriage that came to me anonymously. It was so powerful and moving that I just had to include it in this series. So that’s how we will start things off! And to close the series on Sunday, I will offer you one last surprise. Folks you are in for a love fest all week long!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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