Ok so I am playing catch up here. Let me break it down for you.

  • My seminar on Thursday night got cancelled. Boo to that. It will hopefully be rescheduled for the Spring….
  • Friday was kind of productive. Did some number crunching for tax season. (I know I’m such a keener.)
  • Watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony in awe as orcas swam across the floor of BC Place. Loved the RED hot fiddling number. Hardcore. The slam poetry really surprised me. In a good way. My favourite moments were both k.d. lang’s performance of Hallelujah and the magic of the prairies with the most perfect soundtrack (Both Sides Now). Found the torch lighting slightly anti-climatic.
  • This morning, I hung out with my uncle Brad to help get more of his BLOG set up. Happy to report the blogging is underway. Also chatted with my uncle Manny about some schemes that are in the works.
  • I rummaged through the multitude of columns and articles on the olympic opening ceremony and found this one which totally blew me away. Maybe Betty Fox’s words were taken out of context here or merely embellished to provoke this kind of response from me. I don’t know. But I can say that I felt her words diminished the value of Rick Hansen, Wayne Gretzky, Nancy Greene, Catriona LeMay Doan and Steve Nash who actually lit the symbolic cauldron in BC Place during the ceremonies.
  • Then I found this piece written by columnist Christie Blatchford (who I generally don’t care for) that I think got it bang on. Read it and you will see. Mrs. Fox, rest assured your son’s legacy is celebrated every year whether the Olympics are here or not and he was certainly not forgotten in last night’s Opening Ceremony.
  • Took the day off. Nice. And am getting ready for a busy Sunday. Caught Jen Heil winning the silver in moguls. You rock Jen!
  • Tomorrow is love day and there will be two posts. One introducing The Art of Marriage and one written by Mike on our art of marriage (coming later on in the day). You don’t want to miss that! It will be his debut on prairiegirlbyday.
  • Going to end the day with some reading and tea. Night night!

One thought on “Breakdown

  1. Love the pic of KD lang and it was also one of the highlights for me. My emotional response to the poet Shane Koyczan surprised me, it was spot on and a vey memorable moment of what I thought was a marvelous ceremony, gliches and all. As for Terry Fox, his legacy is so much bigger than any Olympic games.

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