(Card from Urban Outfitters)

It’s a CRAZY busy week and I have a really annoying eyebrow twitch that I CAN’T seem to get rid of. Bizarre. Anyway, tomorrow eve I am delivering my Change the World at Work seminar to a small group of women entrepreneurs and Mike and I are going to get to work on our INTRO to the art of marriage series. Friday is a whole other ballgame but I will catch everyone up on that then.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I took a few moments to wander around the internet. And this is what I found.

There is something about FOREVER that screams “etch me into a silver heart”. (I actually have a favourite Lisa Leonard necklace that I am hoping I will get for Valentine’s Day. But this one is pretty great too.)

I heart food. And for me, cooking is an act of love. This little cutting board would find a happy home in my kitchen.

I left my heart in Toronto. But Paris will do too.


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