Out of sync

I have been sort of playing along with Kal and Elise’s go/ventures. I say “sort of” because I missed Day 2 and 3 but that’s true for a few other things too. Today’s prompt is: PERMANENT. This is what I came up with….

You can go to the Flickr Group to check out what other creative types have produced. Very cool.

I have been feeling a little out of sync these past few days. Lots of productivity but not as much synchronicity. Wonder why. So I’m changing things up a bit. Syncing my Blackberry, writing letters for a media kit, drafting an evaluation form, preparing a seminar for next week, placing catering orders, filling out a conference application… Random stuff.

Although I have a TON of non-random and super important ambitious stuff that I would like to transfer from the whirlpool in my head to etched stone. Or maybe just a piece of paper will do. Let’s carve out time for that today, shall we?

Still no sign of our wedding photos…. (Is that what’s throwing me off? Too much anticipation perhaps?) Here’s hoping they arrive in the mail before the week’s end. Meanwhile, I am preparing to post Saying I Do Part 3: My big fat GREEN wedding tomorrow.

I have got a date with myself this afternoon. Yoga. It’s just gotta happen because somewhere along the week I lost a connection with my brain.


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