In my dreams

In my dreams…

  • I would like to have a bedroom that looks like this.
  • I will have kids who think I was awesome back in the day.
  • I can hold this pose for 60 seconds without losing focus or form.
  • I am with my darling – who is incidentally in Hawaii right now.
  • I never lose my elastic hair ties and chapsticks.

This is going to be a good mail week. I can feel it. Saying I Do Part 2 is coming on Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “In my dreams

  1. I can 2nd the last one I am forever losing my hairties even with having the girls it still happens! And the chapstick is yet another always missplaced object!
    That bedroom is just amazing! I just want a bedroom that is elegant and romantic, have not yet achieved that!

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