Part 1: La ville de mille atouts


So it begins…the wedding posts. As promised.

Quebec City is known as la ville de mille atouts (the city of a thousand attractions). A lot of people have asked why Mike and I wanted to get married there of all places. There were a few reasons. Good ones too. But truthfully, you kind of had to be there to totally get it. The day before our wedding, I bumped into one of our friends and incidentally, wedding guests – Andrew – on the street as I was heading to the Chateau Frontenac for a meeting. He said to me, “You know at first I didn’t understand why you had chosen Quebec City but now I get it. In the few hours I have been here, I have fallen in love with this city.” C’est magique.

I don’t know how I can possibly convey “why” or “how” we ended up there but I’ll try. Here goes…

  • Mike and I loved the idea of including French culture and food as a backdrop to our wedding. Paris was too far and would be ten times more challenging to plan. Quebec seemed ideal.
  • Although I had never pictured what my wedding would look like, Mike had. He wanted an elegant affair. If there is any place in the province of Quebec that screams “elegance”, it is the Chateau Frontenac.
  • I really wanted to ensure our wedding and thus the start of our marriage took place on “neutral ground”. That was important to me. Mike has a history in Toronto and I have a history in Winnipeg. It didn’t seem quite right to hold our wedding in one place or the other.
  • So much of my time with Mike has in fact been spent in other cities and countries of the world. The idea of combining our love of travel with our nuptials really reflected who we are as a couple. A destination wedding in Canada seemed divine.
  • We heart winter. A few people suggested a winter destination wedding might make more sense in a warmer climate. Who cares about making sense?! Mike is truly adventuresome so he is always up for anything. But for me, I love winter. I love being showered in falling snowflakes. I love bundling up, wearing boots and funny looking hats.  I love the many opportunities in a day to drink piping hot beverages like coffee and hot cocoa.  If there is one thing Quebec City does well, it is WINTER.
  • Finally, c’est magique.  The place, the season, the food (oh my), the views, the hospitality. It is magical.


One thought on “Part 1: La ville de mille atouts

  1. I absolutely agree, there could have been no other place on the planet for your nuptials than the beautiful city of Quebec,it was magical in so many ways. Love the photos you included in this post.

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