(Photo via Flickr)

Today has been a day full of static. My hair is standing on end. Not as bad as this poor pup (see above!). I am definitely craving a little bit of humidity. Looking forward to that during my next HOT yoga class. Tuesday afternoon I braved rush-hour traffic on Donald St (southbound) for a class at Moksha Yoga Studio.  It quenched my thirst so I’m going back.

I have been de-cluttering again. This time on my computer. Files, programs, photos. Be gone! I also took a few minutes to UNsubscribe to about 20 different newsletters that quite frankly end up in my Deleted Items folder as soon as I receive them. Waste. of. my. time.

Played the Wii last night. Totally impressed. I was a skeptic. But then I canoed (with the Wii, of course) and today I can really feel it. Oh and I pulled a muscle in my butt while bowling. At least I now know that I have muscles there. That’s good news.

I have other good news too. Our wedding photos should arrive by end of NEXT week. So…that means I am ready to unleash my wedding-related posts on the blog world. Sweet! Those will start next week.

I also have a real treat for all the beautiful people out there. A special series of guest posts will appear on this blog February 15-21. My Valentine’s gift to you (because I will otherwise be engaged…you know, changin’ the world and all of that).

Excuse the static and stay tuned.

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