One entrepreneur at a time

Changing the world…one entrepreneur at a time…equals endless possibilities.

A few months ago, I mulled this over in my mind as I along with another entrepreneur were struggling to figure out how to navigate Microsoft Outlook 2007 on someone else’s computer. (I sense there is a punch line hidden somewhere here.) Our days are filled with creating harmony between ideas that many would consider at odds with each other. We are innovators….generating “new” by building on the “best”. So squirreling around with a uselessly complicated application stikes me as kind of mundane. Not so “world changing” but it does demonstrate one thing: as an entrepreneur you must do it all. You are the CEO, the accountant, the courier, the event coordinator, the phone answerer and the coffee maker, the IT technician, the janitor… You get the point.

The role of entrepreneurs in creating economic opportunities and thereby lifting communities out of poverty is HUGE. It’s WORLD CHANGING, my friends. Microfinance greatly contributes to and supports individuals and groups in building that better world.

Kiva is one such microcredit organization and I am a BIG fan. I started a team. And you can join it. I tried to invite people to it but I think the Kiva email invite got caught in SPAM filters. Boo to that. Anyway, it’s not too late. Just click this link.

So far Kiva Team iNSPiRED PRACTiCE has supported 4 entrepreneurs/collectives including the one featured below:

Djemanguelen Group from Mali who purchase néré seeds to transform into “sounbala”, a condiment much esteemed and used in African sauces. The seeds are prepared, cooked and then shaped into balls, steamed and dried. The resulting sounbala is ready for consumption and sale. They sell for cash and credit to a clientele composed mainly of women, out of their homes, walking around the village, and in the big open-air market of the town of Ségou.

A lot of people are kind of confused about how Kiva works. A minimum loan is $25. You can lend that amount to one entrepreneur/collective. Over time (a matter of months), they will repay that loan. You can then take the repaid $25 in your Kiva account and loan it to another entrepreneur. This is NOT a donation. It is a LOAN. See how that works? Try it. You’ll see.


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