Losing Erica?

I heart Being Erica. It is evocative, imaginative and well-written. Being Erica encompasses everything I love about Canadian television. It’s seriously engaging. Not like most of the crap on TV. I mean if they come out with another CSI show, I am going to go totally WALDEN on you and become a recluse in the woods.

I along with other followers in Canada and now in the US (yes it has been picked up by an American network) are wishing & hoping that it will come back for a 3rd season. As you know probably know, CBC suffers from a chronic case of budget cuts and pulls shows that are otherwise AMAZING. Oh it’s crushing. They did just that to This is Wonderland – which if you haven’t seen, you can borrow my Season 1 DVD. You gotta see it.

So why am I sharing all of this? I am making a personal plea to CBC on this blog. Bring Being Erica back for a 3rd season. Please and thanks.


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