Race against time

(Photo via World Vision Canada)

I have been following Dave Toycen from World Vision Canada (on Twitter) as he accompanied 5 million tonnes of disaster relief supplies to the people and children of Haiti. He lamented that ‘still people are hungry, still people are not getting water, and still people are not getting adequate medical care.’ If there is one thing to know about Haiti it’s that 50% of the population are children. Think about that and what it means. On January 19, Dave Toycen tweeted the following:  Still so concerned about the thousands of kids left on their own. They’re everywhere. The small ones are even lining up in distribution lines.

Not sure what you can do? Watch the Canada for Haiti Telethon on TONIGHT at 7pm EST on pretty much all Canadian networks and donate.

The money raised during the telethon will be distributed equally amongst a coalition of 10 large Canadian non-governmental organizations — including World Vision Canada, Canadian Red Cross Society, UNICEF Canada, Oxfam Canada and Save the Children Canada — with the funds exclusively earmarked for Haiti. If that doesn’t do it for you, then this might…

Truthfully, I must admit I care less about the famous people and politicians who will grace the airwaves for this telethon, and MUCH MORE about mobilizing efforts to get disaster relief on the ground and follow-up care to address the needs of these people (particularly in the face of continuing aftershocks). Personally I dig SOCIAL MEDIA.

So here is one way to do it:

Donate through Online Fundraisers (LIKE THIS ONE!): World Vision is accepting donations as it works to help people in the earthquake-ravaged country. I am using this BLOG to help spread the word and encourage donations to the relief efforts. You can donate to any of the organizations providing relief. I just happen to have a great relationship with World Vision and know first hand the remarkable work they do.

Donate using the BUTTON on the right and then leave a comment here – if you want to share your thoughts and hope for Haiti.

Remember: Between January 12 and February 12, the Canadian government is matching individual donations to the Haiti relief effort.

Donate by Text Message: Canadians can now donate $5 to World Vision on their cell phones. Simply text “WORLD” to 45678. A one-time donation toward relief efforts in Haiti will be added to your mobile phone bill. Standard messaging rates and additional fees may apply.

IMPORTANT: Once you text your donation, you’ll receive a confirmation message to which you must reply YES. If you don’t complete this step, your donation will not be made.

Join the “Pass It On” Campaign: Members on Facebook and Twitter are challenged to donate $10 or more through the organization’s website. I CHALLENGE YOU! Please invite friends to do the same through status updates, tweets and emails. You can join the campaign on Facebook.

Follow World Vision on Twitter: I am discovering that this is a great way to get up-to-the-minute news and information on relief efforts. World Vision Canada has several feeds that are being constantly updated.

You can follow president Dave Toycen (@Toycenontheroad), web editor Andrew Wheeler (@WV_Andrew) and the World Vision Canada feed (@worldvisioncan). Twitter is also fantastic source of information and fast-pace news updates. You can help World Vision get the word out on the disaster by retweeting the organization’s updates for your followers to see.


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