Bellydance anyone? Today I was able to cross off yet another life goal on my long, long list. Jean, my totally rad mother-in-law, and I ventured out to Gloucester Street (pronounced gl-ah-st-ur, just in case you didn’t know) to Arabesque Dance Company. Back in March of 2008, Jean surprised me with an outing to this gorgeous display of movement. I have always wanted to try bellydancing and since Arabesque offers drop-in classes, I figured what better way to truly LEAP into the uncomfortable fray! Before our class, Jean surprised me again but this time with a beautiful hip scarf in the brightest shade of green – just my colour. More than the colour, I love the sound it makes. I think I might just wear it around the house for fun.

The class itself was actually quite good. We learned foundation movements. I learned that bellydancing is neither as easy nor as difficult as I thought. Boy your arms do get really tired of being held out like that. I am looking forward to more bellydancing classes with Jean once I return to Toronto. Meanwhile, I am going to look for a suitable subsitute in Winnipeg.

Yes, I am now back in Winnipeg. Amazing how that happens! I had to leave my heart in Toronto with my husband whilst I get busy working on very important things that will build a better world for you and me and everyone else. C’est la vie! Small sacrifice in the end. Although I am not sure Mike would see it that way. There were extra kisses exchanged on Friday night when I saw him off for his weekend of Armed Forces training. Extra kisses that led to a back-up of five vehicles on our street as Peter (not so) patiently waited for us to “hurry it up” so that he could drop Mike and his considerable amount army-issued equipment at Moss Park. (P.S. He is a reservist. So nobody’s going to Afghanistan. And nobody needs to freak out.)

I instead spent Friday night painting everything BLACK. It’s only taken me a year and a half but I finally painted our bedroom furniture. I inhaled too many paint fumes and am super tired so I must go to bed promptly. But before I do, I want to say that I am so glad to hear that my Baby Fever post really resonated with people. Especially happy that there are so many great parents out there –  in my corner of the world  – helping their extraordinary kids to grow into exceptional people.


2 thoughts on “Bellydance

  1. I have done this in the privacy of my home, but there is something more you get from going to an actual class….on my life long goals…mine are long…I call it my bucket list! Thing I HAVE to do before I am too old to do them. I should check out that web site that you recomended about the life goals…..there’s another! You really inspire me Kristle…!! Its a good thing!

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