Baby fever

(Photo via Domestic Reflections)

So here is a little secret that I am going to divulge…. While watching Private Practice last night, I was witness to someone catching baby fever. You will never guess who it was…

There is plenty of baby stuff going on in the blog world of “newly” married couples. (See here and here and here and here.) I am subjected to it all the time. But I have had baby fever since I was myself an infant. I spent most of my childhood carting around dolls (my babies) and initiating myself into a pretend world of motherhood. And I should add that months before Mike and I started dating in mid-2007, I had initiated a whole life-changing process so that within 3 years I would be eligible to adopt a child. So this is nothing new for me. Occasionally I get “hot flashes” but mostly, I have just learned to adjust the thermostat as needed.

But let me tell you…it was a scene from Private Practice that brought a feverish wave through the house. A blubbering baby in his daddy’s arms riding up and down in an elevator. That was it. And on the couch next to me came – for lack of a better word – a giggle (a manly giggle, of course), a goofy grin and (I think, if I saw correctly) a little welling up. That launched Mike and I into a smiley discussion about babies and parenting. Mike will make an extraordinary dad for reasons I can only just barely articulate. He is wonderfully affectionate, super funny, full of praise and love, and especially talkative (a big plus when engaging with inquisitive little minds). More importantly at this point, I can see that he is more vocal about wanting kids and truly excited about it.

Anyway, here it is – the baby fever begins.

5 thoughts on “Baby fever

  1. Enjoy the ride! Its the most wonderful, frustrating, tempting, giggly, laughable, cry ride you will ever be on. You will have days of utter joy and moments of complete frustration, but its the best ride I have ever been on, and having babies so late in life I am glad i braved the ride, everyday is worth it, even the bad days. I would never change the ride. Enjoy.

  2. I watched Private Practice too, and that was a great moment the elevator scene! Even after 3 kids I get that ” I want another one” feeling…but we are done, and very happily done! That was me over 11 years ago. We got married and I announced that I’m ready, let me know when you are!! And we have been blessed with 3 wonderful children. Life is an amazing thing, if you adopt or if you have your own. Its all beautiful. You coment that Mike will be a great dad, but Kristle you will be an AMAZING mother. I know you both will be great parents….

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