Prairie girl meet flirty girl.  I joined up with Jen for a lovely morning/afternoon of movement, food and conversation. We started off our time together at Flirty Girl Fitness. This was my first time there. We have tried in the past to coordinate schedules to attend a class together but unfortunately, have never managed to quite get there.

An adorable red-headed Melissa-Jane (known as M.J.) led us through 60 minutes of spicy latin-inspired dance cardio called Zumba. It was lots of fun. And wow you really gotta move your hips. I’m pretty sure I will be feeling that core workout for days later. Want to know more about zumba? Check out this Globe & Mail article.

Following our workout, Jen and I meandered over to Le Sélect Bistro for a lingering taste of French cuisine. It made me feel like I was still in Quebec. Which crazily enough, I WAS – just last weekend.

(Photo from Le Sélect Bistro)

Just to give you a sense of Le Sélect’s flavour, here’s what they have to say on their website:

Last year had its ups and downs, but when you walked through our doors, you knew what to expect: liberté, égalité, and convivialité. Parliaments may prorogue, Alaskans may go rogue, but some things stay in vogue: at Le Sélect, we’re always glad to welcome you with good food and well-chosen wines.

Of course, we didn’t just eat – although we did that too. We hatched plans, traded stories and created new opportunities to work together. 2010 is going to be an awesome year. For us both. Sweet.

Tomorrow Mike and I are off to brunch with Donna and Sandy at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village to help them celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. Then later on to Gerard Kennedy’s New Year Levee. More good things to come.


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