(Photo via Google)

Last night, I joined Carol, her two friends Bridgette and Amanda and my sister-in-law Stephanie for 90 minutes of sheer warmth (a bit of an understatement – 100 F/38 C) and bliss at Moksha Bloor West. I had never been to this location but you know what they say, “Have yoga mat, will travel.” Although I have attended yoga classes in the past, I have never before paid much thought to how the class ends. The teacher will always close class by saying “Namaste” and as students, we respond in kind. The divine in me sees the divine in you. How lovely. In the last few minutes as I was laying in Corpse Pose soaking up all that my mind and body went through over the last hour and a half, I was filled with this overwhelming sense of peace and love. (And I don’t use these words carelessly.) It was a total goddess moment.

So far 2010 has been truly magical. Of course, it isn’t without its challenges and rough patches. But there are absolutely no complaints! I have a serious number of items on my to-do list today that I am looking forward to checking off. There’s some good fun in store for this weekend which I will share shortly and then I have a huge number of thank yous to spread around (just waiting on the wedding photos…)  

Meanwhile, here is my favourite photo of the moment…. In it are four of my favourite people on the planet.


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