My word for 2010 is LEAP. I wasn’t sure I could come up with one because there are so many perfect words out there that could each set a different tone for the year. But the second this one popped into my head, I knew it was right.

I am going to revisit my birthday wishes here because they directly impacted my resolutions for 2010. I like to see the big picture whenever possible and didn’t want to create a laundry list of expectations that couldn’t possibly be fulfilled. These were my birthday wishes…

  • Wish #1: More Joy
  • Wish #2: Sweet Dreams
  • Wish #3: Kindness
  • Wish #4: Presence
  • Wish #5: Pink hair
  • Wish #6: Look good naked
  • Wish #7: Step forward

And this is how they fit with my resolutions.

#1: Connect.

As much as I do quite well on my own, I am a social creature. I love gathering people together to connect and share and celebrate. No occasion required. This brings me great joy and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have started 2010 amongst friends and family. (Oh and truly delicious food!) For this year I have made a deep commitment to connect.  More get-togethers, more laughter, more glass-clinking, more noshing, more games, more chatter, more stories. I have already started the year off by connecting with over 30 new contacts on Facebook (I love being able to hear about the lives of others.) and I can’t wait to entertain friends and family in this beautiful home we have.

#2: Balance.

Ok so this is a loaded resolution that probably tops everyone’s list. Striking a balance in terms of energy is still a huge challenge for me. It is impossible to establish a routine when every month or so I find myself keeping a different pace in a different place. So the most I can hope for is BALANCE. (An earlier bedtime would also be helpful.)

#3: Let go.

I am notorious for taking things personally. Stupid comments people make. Someone else’s pettiness directed toward me or mine. Anger or impatience that I witness only because I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. These moments leave a little bruise and sometimes stick far too long in my mind. I like to think that I experience happiness with equal intensity but that’s just a silly rationalization. The truth is: I would like to let go of the bad much more quickly than I do. I think that if I can let go of these negative viruses, I will make room for true kindness and bliss. So I commit to giving my heart a bit of a firewall upgrade.

#4: Be present.

I am already conscious of being present in my daily life and I started the year off on the right foot. There is nothing like getting married on the first day of the year to teach you about being present. I will admit that the day began stressful but once I moved over to a quieter, more serene environment, I was able to totally eliminate my anxiety and come back to the moment. Awesome. I am adding another condition to this resolution: be present in photos. I am notorious for travelling to beautiful places or having wonderful experiences with friends, colleagues, etc… and yet there are NO photos with me in them. Quelle probleme! This year, I say “More photos of me!” And I have already started. See?

#5: Test limits.

I have realized that sometimes I am far more capable than what I give myself credit for. I am sure we are all guilty of that from time to time. I was perusing a fellow entrepreneur and former high school classmate’s blog a month ago or so and was in such awe of her willingness to leap into the uncomfortable fray in order to test her limits. To try something new by pushing past fear and leaping. It was inspiring and a good reminder to me of how much I cling to my FIXED mindset. Testing limits is my PINK hair. It starts right now!

#6: Live like a goddess.

I was flipping through some of the wedding photos taken by family and friends, and about 5 minutes into this process I realized that those horrible words we sometimes use to describe our appearance either in photos or in the mirror were no longer in my vocabulary. 2009 was a big year for me. I made a commitment to getting myself in shape and better liking the reflection in the mirror. And I did it! I lost a significant amount of weight but more importantly, I started to re-programme my brain. I would change nothing about the way I looked in my wedding photos and for the first time in many years, “losing weight” is NOT on my list of resolutions. But what is on the list, is living like a goddess. I want to take what I have accomplished to the next level. The GODDESS level.

#7: Start now.

Spontaneity can’t be planned, I’m told. 🙂 And neither can life. I haven’t included specifics in my resolutions because these are really designed to be intentions and commitments – not tasks. The underlying intention for all of these resolutions is to “start now”. Perfection is highly overrated and my quest to attain it has often led to procrastination and a general lack of movement. I resolve to step forward. To start now.


2 thoughts on “Leap

  1. My thought exactly, try a pink hightlight! LOL Kristle you are an inspiration to me to try to make my life of disorder and having no time to making time and “cleaning up my shit”! Thanks you are a beautifil and insightful woman, and I am just glad to know you!

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