Childhood dreams

(Photo by Andrew Ash via Flickr)

I am currently enroute to Toronto via train and have had several hours to reflect on the last few days and the beautiful memories created with family, friends and especially, my HUSBAND. Before I overwhelm the blog with wedding photos, details and stories, I really wanted to share something that has been marinating in my brain for some time.

On many occasions, I have recalled, the summer of 2007.  Mike and his family were digging through bins and boxes of old stuff in the basement at Pearson in an effort to tidy it up. Through this process, Mike uncovered a prized possession from his childhood. He was really moved to be reunited with this long lost toy which he held out to me and said, “If you touch my action figure, then we’ll be married.”

This is not a euphemism. It really was an action figure. And I really did touch it.  It was at that moment – as I looked at Mike that I really stood outside of myself watching the rest unfold. We might as well have been two kids on a playground – the childhood versions of ourselves. A look came over him – the kind of look that you get when you are totally fulfilled by something seemingly small but so significant. And he smiled at me – and to himself at the same time. It was as though he knew that I was the little girl made for him in the stars. It was a secret wish. A childhood dream. That would be realized.

It was a toy. But to the child he was, it was a treasure – the value of which could only be determined by what’s in his heart. This moment in our shared history left a mark. And to be truthful, I don’t find it entirely surprising that the first symbol of our marriage (for play or for real) and incidentally, our life together, is a SUPERHERO. We are nothing, if not, action figures.

This is a somewhat belated wedding toast but serves well as a daily one and longs to be shared.  The photo above – in a small yet significant way – captures the essence of what my life with Mike is like…

To my darling husband – life with you is like a dream.  And yet, you are the realest thing I know. Thank you for choosing me. Wishing for me. And waiting for me. You are the greatest fellow adventurer for any trail blazer …the bravest superhero for any wonder woman…and the most noble Queen for any Prime Minister.  Together we will slide on the rainbows of our childhood dreams. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Childhood dreams

  1. This is so beautiful. It encouraged me to search hi and lo for the printed copy of our wedding vows…28 years ago…Wow!!
    When we hold fast to our vows…it is magical…
    Brent and I are going to sit down together and read them together again!!!
    Thank you Kristle and Mike!!!
    Hold on tight to what you have!!!!
    it really is worth it…
    You are such a beautiful and blessed couple!!!!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the wonder that life and the whatever universal energy there is out there, works all things together, in it’s time and place…

    your stories and the stories we heard about the both of you,as individuals and as a couple over the last few days, give me so much hope and joy for our joined futures. You and your circle are amazingly thoughful, passionate, caring, committed and engaged. You are the reasons for this season in life…and I wish you both many happy adventures..and may you get to use your super hero powers as much as you both want & wish for.

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