Wedding SOS

If you are a glass half-full kinda gal like me, you might imagine that the adage – “What can go wrong, will go wrong. ” – doesn’t really apply. Nope. My motto is really: “If it gets scewed up, I will make it right.” But sometimes, we aren’t meant to have things our way. And that just has to be ok.

Tuesday was an extraordinary day. It was the day before we travelled to Quebec City, three days before the wedding and most importantly, Mike’s Birthday. As I was frantically running around packing up boxes with candleholders, welcome bag contents, baking banana bread, cooking up a birthday dinner and (sort of) tidying up the house, I was also ON A MISSION.

The mission was – at the eleventh hour – to exchange a 40R tuxedo jacket wrongly supplied to Mike and two pewter coloured vest/tie/pocket squares wrongly supplied to Peter and Andy. I don’t want to go into every little detail but let’s just say that the impetus for this was that I hated the idea that we spent so much money on these tuxedos which are to be worn on a pretty important day that will forever be captured on camera and that we would have to “live with” somebody else’s error. The wrong sized jacket meant that Mike would be wearing an ill-fitting jacket or it would have to be switched with one of his brother’s (closer to the correct size but shorter in the sleeve). The wrong coloured vest/tie/pocket square meant that Mike and his two brothers would be wearing identical tuxedos rendering them all groomsmen rather than two best men and one groom.

I tried my best which meant calling the Assistant Manager at Tip Top Yorkdale, rushing a new jacket and what I thought were two black vests/ties/pocket squares. Wrong. I arrived to exchange the jacket and she had misunderstood that the black vest-tie combo was for Mike and not for the best men. So back we went placing another rush order to then be picked up several hours later at Tip Tip Dufferin Mall. An hour before closing Freeman’s finally dropped off the vests, etc… Victory! I fixed it! I battled the universe and I won!

Wrong again. As we were packing up the tuxedos, Peter decided to try his on (finally!). The jacket was swimming on him. How could this be? Well it was the 40R. Unbeknownst to me, Mike had attempted to “fix” the situation too. His solution was to stick Peter with the oversized jacket and take Peter’s 38R instead. I never checked the label inside the jacket when I went to exchange them. I only checked the ticket order on the pocket. I grabbed the one that was for Mike and away I went. What I had in effect done was exchanged a perfectly good 38R for another 38R. Universe-1. Kristle-O.

In the midst of the tuxedo debacle, I was also trying to track down my candles. It turns out that after some hunting around, we found out the reason they had not been delivered by noon on Tuesday was because they never left BC. Poor Jessica at Beelites went around in circles with UPS in the hope there was some better news. Nope. Universe-2. Kristle-O.

Throughout the entire day, I maintained composure in a way I have never before. I was calm. I was polite. I wasn’t freaking out. I wasn’t pissed off. If anything, I was constantly trying to figure out my next move. There was a moment when clearly the frustration of both situations began to overwhelm me and for 2 minutes my eyes welled up and tears streamed down my face. But then the 2 minutes were over and I was done. I let go of it as soon as I could. And I am so glad I did. By the time I arrived in Quebec City and things started to gel – particularly with Melanie (our day of wedding coordinator) and Isabelle (the site coordinator for the Frontenac) – I realized that once you are here, all of the things that went wrong don’t matter anymore. And trying to fix them can be futile and certainly isn’t as important as being present.

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