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OMG. Mike and I went to see the movie It’s Complicated on Friday night. So funny! I laughed so hard at times that I was practically suffocating. In a good way of course. I highly recommend the movie. Nancy Meyers is a genius!

Each day I get to meet some pretty extraordinary people. Saturday was no exception. I had the loveliest time with Sonya – my esthetician at Elixir Spa. I have to give a shout out to her because she was just so wonderfully kind. In a matter of minutes, she and I were trading life stories. I was learning about her and her two kids and their plans for Ukrainian Christmas and she was hearing about the upcoming wedding. She was over the moon for Mike and I. Gave me a big hug when I left and told me to bring pictures next time I come in. How sweet!

After my little spa morning, Mike and I attempted to brave the Boxing Day madness. OMG. Some stores were total zoos. (It never fails.) Mike walked away with some pretty nice shirts which he later proceeded to model in a fashion show. Once he pulled out his Michael Bublé-look, I started to feel a bit left out so I got dressed up too and we danced the night away in our living room. Cheers to that!

Off to start yet another beautiful winter day (in this snowless place) and start packing for the wedding! Whoo hoo!

One thought on “OMG

  1. dad and I are going to see the movie tonight finally–life got in the way in the last couple of days!
    Great to hear Mike got great deals and shirts…and your dancing!!

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