Small favours

(Photo from Project Wedding) 

I was going to title this post sidetracked but to be truthful, I am off the track altogether. And nobody wants to hear about all I have to do to get back on. So instead, I am going to share something FAR BETTER. A small favour. Thank GOD for small favours!

After hours and hours of scouring stores for appropriate candles for the wedding, I can finally rest easy. Jessica at Beelites has granted me a small favour. (Thank you Jessica!) I have this thing about not slowly killing members of my family and circle of friends with highly carcinogenic petroleum-based parrafin candles. I know that may seem extreme to some people but you wouldn’t stick a container full of petroleum sludge on your dining room table and light it on fire, would you?  A parrafin candle is the same difference. Not so extreme now is it?

I stopped using parrafin candles about 100 years ago and now only use soy or beeswax. The trouble is cost. Soy candles are the second least expensive candle but most soy candles are best in jars or glass containers because they melt into a puddle of oil. This simply won’t do for the candelabra and pillar holders that I have. So beeswax was the only option.

The next problem beyond cost is colour. Ivory beeswax candles are not actually dyed. Rather there is a painstaking process of taking the beeswax and purifying it four or five times. The scent and colour dissipate each time the wax is purified. Since not everyone wants to undertake this process, they are less available. But thankfully, I found exactly what I was looking for and Jessica worked hard to figure out a way to get them to me in time for the big day. A small favour indeed!

Off to get myself back on track with some really good coffee and a change of scenery.


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