Dude that’s a lot of food

Here we are at Local Fire Hall #426 on Lansdowne Avenue with our collection of food donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank. We estimate approximately 270 bags/boxes were collected totaling over 4000 lbs of food. Dude that’s a lot of FOOD!

The crew at the Fire Hall were AWESOME and helped us unload piles and piles of food. As a THANK YOU, I baked and left for them a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread (which they said would be their breakfast at the Hall tomorrow morning).

We made record time in collecting the donations. A big thank you must go to Mike’s family for everything from printing off and stapling letters to hauling 15lb bags into the vehicles. We also thank everyone for their food contributions. We are certain that the Daily Bread Food Bank will put these donations to excellent use and know that this food will make the holiday season much brighter for many families in our community.

THANKS Roncesvalles Village!


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