Bring it

Here we are. December 17. That means 7 days until the holidays begin and 15 days until the wedding. Holy moly. (And seriously what was I thinking?!) I have a pretty sad looking to-do list (i.e. there is a ton of stuff on it) but I am not really starting up anything new – just doing a lot of follow up. So I say BRING IT!

The food drive preparation is on! 850 bags have been stapled with letters and will get dropped off today. Another 1,150 bags to go. We are still looking for volunteers so if you are in the Toronto area and want to give us a hand tomorrow dropping off bags or picking up on Sunday – there is some free coffee and homemade chocolate chip banana bread in it for you! It will make your HEART and TUMMY feel warm and fuzzy.

The house is starting to look a bit more festive today. We are off to pick up a tree and make the place smell like Christmas. Photos to come.


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