There are mega snowflakes falling this early afternoon. It is so serene that I am clinging a little too tightly to morning in the hope that it will give me more time to do everything I need to. I am not quite running on all cylinders yet. With my flight delay last night, dinner didn’t get started until around 11:30pm. And then we decided to play scrabble.

The board game had been purchased for use as an activity with our newcomer welders. (It is a great game to develop Essential Skills and vocabulary for newcomers or anyone.) Mike warned me that he was very good. It’s true. He’s strategic. He really aims for those double word and triple letter scores. Even if it means using crappy words or ones whose existence I question altogether. Meanwhile, I was coming up with words like anagram, reveal, and midwife which got me so far until I put down ZOOM and he added the ER and then later an S. Well that did me in. I am still unconvinced that ZOOMER is a word (but I didn’t challenge it as per the rules of the game). I like to think that I keep current with the English language. He tried to explain what a Zoomer is. It sounded an awful lot like Baby Boomer to me. But no – a zoomer is different – a zoomer is someone like Moses Znaimer. Well at that point, I burst into laughter. And then so did he. It was just one of those moments at 3 o’clock in the morning when you have to laugh.

Cut to present moment: I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. There is unpacking to do, ordering our wedding cake, working on a proposal, volunteering at the Central Neighbourhood House Holiday party and later putting up Christmas decorations and tracking down a tree. And apparently, this is all going to happen today. Zoom zoom.


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