If you have the Martha Stewart gene then wrapping gifts is a seamless art. Certainly presentation is important but given how insignificant the wrapping becomes seconds after it is ripped to shreds, I endeavoured to come up with some other options.


Kraft paper is my best friend. No gloss. Easy to reuse. Totally recyclable. I love wrapping with it. Last year, I wanted to spruce up the paper so I used some non-toxic iridescent ink and hand stamps to create a subtle pattern. On another gift, I used acrylic paints to add a colourful design. You can buy kraft paper EVERYWHERE. I was at a big box retailer the other day and there were rolls of it in the Christmas/Seasonal aisles.


Love these tea towels from Kitchen Stuff Plus. Wrapping gifts in household textiles is nothing new. This way you can be creative and practical and reduce waste (big time!) Don’t know furoshiki?  Take a look at this How To guide from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.


Enviro Sax, RuMe, and Baggu are just three available brands of durable, colourful bags. Why spend big money on wrapping paper that will end up in the recycling bin (hopefully not the trash!) and instead, opt for a funky reusable bag.


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