Baby It’s Cold Outside

I feel extremely lucky that here in the very north of the Northern Hemisphere we get to celebrate the holiday season with cold and snow. My Australian uncle has told me many a story of his Christmas holiday turkey dinners eaten in sweltering heat. I can’t imagine the holidays without “cold”.

Asymetrical Hoodie (Cost: $58): Tis the season for hoodies and this one meets all of my Better Half’s criteria but with a twist. It is thick enough to be warm, it’s a pullover, and in a dark colour. I like it because it is chic and perfect to wear under a coat for our many winter adventures. (Such as the one below…)

(Photo via Canadian Art)

The Gift of Skating (Cost: Free): I am really big on experiential gifts. I think it is important to mix it up and in this season, many believe that the cold is something to hide from. (Sorry folks but only bears hibernate for the winter.) Winter calls for some real joie de vivre. So get outside and enjoy!

Felt Handbag (Cost: $95): This little beauty is made in Canada out of virgin and recycled wool. The perfect material for winter time. The bag is an ideal size to stuff in a thermos of hot cocoa and a bag of macaroons (possibly from here) and will look super cute slung over your darling’s shoulder.

Smores Kit (Cost: Varies): The best part of being out in the cold is when you get to warm up inside. Get a fire roaring in the fireplace and make your own smores. This adorable little smores kit can be easily put together with the help of your local grocery and craft stores. (I would recommend kraft paper boxes instead which can be reused or recycled when done).

Romantic Classics (Cost: $18): A big tradition in our family always turned out to be spending a portion of Christmas Day watching movies (usually those we had received that morning).  One night recently I turned the channel to TCM and watched two amazing films (I had never before seen): Shop Around the Corner and Christmas in Connecticut. Jimmy Stuart and Barbara Stanwyck are such fun! My personal favourite is Katharine Hepburn so my pick for this holiday season is this tiny sample of her filmography.

WWF Wildlife Adoption (Cost: $40): This tops my gift giving list every year and I am not ashamed to say that I will continue to give this gift. When it’s cold outside, all you want to do is cuddle and with a wildlife adoption through World Wildlife Fund Canada you can do that plus support the protection of the planet’s most vulnerable species. This is a great gift for anyone (not just kids!)

Organic Cotton Pin-Tuck Duvet (Cost: From $79): Finally (and I know I have already probably talked about this enough) I have included the most beautiful wrapping for a winter slumber. If this were under my Christmas tree this year, I would be OVER joyed (hint hint!)

Still to come this week: something for the kiddies, stocking stuffers and creative gift wrap.


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