Eat, Drink & Be Merry

This year I am encouraging everyone including myself to be creative in our gift giving. Make a statement. A gift should leave an impression. Make a difference with your gift giving. Whatever that means to you.

refresh Cookbook (Cost: $29): I think we all sometimes forget to value time together with loved ones eating scrumptious food in the way we value material gifts. I greatly believe in the power of food and one of the ways in which I show love is by thoughtfully preparing meals for people I care about. Although you can make food from any cookbook of your choice, I personally love the broad-appeal of the food at Fresh (a food establishment in Toronto).  It is easy to make, very wholesome and equally satisfying.

Monforte Dairy CSA Subscription (Cost: $200-1000): This past fall I was one of the privileged few who attended a great event called Heads TO at which an inspiring woman named Ruth Klahsen spoke. She told us of her personal journey as an entrepreneur passionate about cheese to build community supported micro produced dairy. CSA works this way: you pre-purchase a subscription for a future delivery of cheese – either as vouchers to exchange at various farmers markets or as cheese basket delivered to your door.

Plates with Purpose (Cost: $50): I have a deep appreciation for serving dishes. Everyday plates and fine china, I care nothing for. But a platter is the vehicle by which all good food gets on the table. Better than that, these platters are made of recycled glass and offer a perfect backdrop to any beautiful food item. Plus ten percent of the proceeds of each plate is donated to various social mission organizations.

Green Beanery Fair Trade Organic Roasted Coffee Beans (Cost: $10): Green Beanery is a Canadian social enterprise aimed at promoting ethical and enjoyable consumption of the world’s coffee and teas. They offer an enormous selection of niche coffees to warm every heart this holiday season.

Siloam Mission Giving as a Volunteer (Cost: Just your time): This holiday season get together with your colleagues, family members or friends to serve a meal at a local soup kitchen or drop-in centre. Siloam Mission in Winnipeg receives a bountiful 4,400 volunteer hours each month in supporting the organization to deliver meals (3 per day 6 days per week), a drop-in centre and various other transitional and emergency support services. Volunteering to serve a meal or prepare hampers during the holiday season is as much a gift to those in need as it is to you and your loved ones. The experience develops a deep connection to community and a sense of solidarity. And after all, that’s what the holiday season is truly about.

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