The art of winging it

(Postcard from Bigwig & Silver)

I attended a great presentation last week coordinated by the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. Dr. Valerie Young spent nearly two hours talking to us about the Imposter Syndrome and why women, in particular, often experience feelings of fraud that prevent them from achieving their full potential. As part of her presentation, Dr. Young identified various factors attributed to the Imposter Syndrome as well as strategies in overcoming it. This is what she calls “the art of winging it”.

A fascinating challenge with “winging it” is that intuitively some of us struggle with how it feels. It can sometimes mean that we feel inauthentic – pretending to be something we don’t believe we are. This what Dr. Young suggests to “get over it”.

  • Redefine competence and success.
  • Remember that no one can do what you do the way you do it.
  • Reframe and rename. Shift your mindset from “fixed” to “growth” (innate ability vs. learning).
  • Make it GEQ – good enough quality.
  • Identify what is “possible”. Instead of just what your options are.
  • Fail fast. The faster you fail, the faster you learn.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. 😉

Speaking of art and wings, check this out. One of my favourite artists and mompreneurs, Kal Barteski, is holding a one-night art show at The District on Wednesday, December 2. Go here for more info:

Spread the word.


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