Don’t stress

(Festive photo and food from La Tartine Gourmande)

So I said I would be post-lite this week but I am making time…when I can. I have been wanting to post on STRESS and came across this article this morning. I totally dig the whole “pets in the workplace” groove and love that Carmen has created an environment for this at Planners Plus. We have done something similar at Options – see here. (Ages need to be updated but you get the point.)

I received a couple of emails in my inbox about this very topic of stress busting. At first, I thought it was a coincidence – you know, magazines and organizations thinking that with winter weather, the seasonal flu and busy schedules, we’re all under a little bit of stress. But wait, that isn’t really it, is it?

Nope. It only took me a couple of days but I realized that this week is Thanksgiving (in the US). (Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border. Especially Kristen and family!) And it is the upcoming holidays that are bringing on all of this stress. Estranged family members in the same room. Toiling  in the kitchen for hours cooking the perfect meal. Unrealistic expectations as to how the whole holiday will turn out. Filling up on fattening food and then feeling guilty about it. Money, money, money being spent like its going out of style. Yep. Stressful.

But I say, “don’t stress”. I am taking the stress out of Christmas this year by doing the family stuff earlier and instead, planning a romantic and low-key affair for two for Christmas eve and day. Nothing I can’t handle and nothing that should cause any stress. No one’s schedule to tend to but ours. No one’s whims to cater to but our own. Sounds heavenly right? If there are a few snafus, no prob. Because so long as we’re together, who cares what happens! And even if it doesn’t snow fluffy white snowflakes just before midnight or our Christmas fettucine sticks to the pot or  if there isn’t a wet-nosed puppy underneath the tree come Christmas morning, it will still be SO wonderful. Don’t stress. I say cut your losses and do what you REALLY wanna do. Better to figure out what that is now than 30 years later (right mom?).


3 thoughts on “Don’t stress

  1. Great tip….sometime I wish we could just disapear for the holidays to a cabin just me Paul and the kids….its very stressfull to spend time EVERWHERE!!! Take care Kristle, I hope that your Christmas for 2 is as romanitic, and everything that you want and deserve!
    Luv, Jessie

    • Thanks Jessie! That’s so sweet. I’m really looking forward to it. I think the idea of heading out to a cabin is a great idea! Mike and I did that for New Year’s 2008. It was amazingly serene. If you need some recommendations, let me know. Or if you and Paul ever want a night out – just the two of you – I would love to look after the kids. (I am in town every month for 3 weeks or so at a time.) 😉

  2. I just got this today! Jan 6th 2010~
    I just might take you up on that! I know that when we visited your parents this Chirstmas Eve as they did not have thier big dinner, but we needed to include them in the holidays as they have been such a positive and amazing support! The kids LOVE the dogs. And Makenzie is in awe of your mom.

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