Wish #6: Look good naked

(K Monogram Wreath via Design Sponge)

Every person at some point or other struggles with body love. I have plenty of love for myself. I love my dark brown eyes. I love my long, strong fingernails. I love the little dipper constellation of beauty marks near my left wrist. I love my decolletage and my defined shoulders. I love my petite feet. I love my shaped shin and calf muscles. I love all of the different colours that comprise my body’s canvas.  Hey that’s some good love!

Individually, all of these things are great but I sometimes have trouble with the whole package. I am learning that it is less about changing myself physically but rather re-programming my brain. It’s really about changing my thoughts and especially, the words that I use to describe myself – either to myself or others. Looking good naked is really a state of mind. And I really WANT to look good naked. Will I be running a race naked? Ever? Definitely not. That’s just plain crazy. And sounds kind of painful besides. But I am ready to change the image I see when it comes down to just me and my mirror.


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