Wish #3: Kindness

K is for Kind (paperpacks)

(K Character Print by Paperpacks)

Day 3 and the wishes keep on comin’. I have been sitting on this one for half the day because I wasn’t sure how best to articulate it.

One of my exes, after we ended a 3 and a half year relationship, sent me a “thank you” note. In it, among other things, he wrote: “Thank you for your example of kindness towards others.” I remembered thinking: If that is what made a mark most when reflecting back on who I was when we were together, then I must have done ok. Maybe even better than ok. To date, it is one of the few compliments that I care to remember.

I believe that kindness is innate but I also believe its expression can be triggered by the example of others. I have had plenty of role models, for sure. But none who stick out in my mind as much as my Uncle Manny. He is both the kindest person I know and the kindest person I can imagine.

Be Kind (Copeland89)

(Photography by Nicole McEvilly)

My wish for kindness in this next year is two-fold. First, I wish to be kinder to others. If I were to be totally honest, I have faltered. It is not that I am intentionally unkind to anyone but I have caught myself passing on opportunities to show kindness. And I am capable of more. Second, I wish to be kinder to myself. Maybe this means being gentler with my expectations or more active in offering myself positive reinforcement or sometimes just kicking myself out the door to let off a little steam with a run. However the opportunity presents itself, I wish for kindness.


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