Wish #1: More joy

Silver Handwritten Initial Pendant (christinakober)

(Little k pendant by Christina Kober)

Friday again. Wow this week just flew by. And so will today. As usual, I have some errands to run and work to wrap up. The plumber is fixing our shower drain (finally!) and I am obliterating the many dust bunnies that have taken refuge along the baseboards and underneath furniture. My mom is arriving later today for a five-day trip. She will be participating in the CAPLA conference starting on Sunday, Nov 15. We have some planning to do in relation to current projects and the co-evolution of our companies. Then we go shopping.

Today begins a week of Ks (a letter that, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough airtime). Although most people just do birthday wishes on their birthday, one is simply not enough. I want 7. I’m starting things off with  a “little k” because we all start out small. Speaking of small, there is a small person thousands of miles away who is celebrating her 8th birthday today. Happy Birthday Miriamu! My wish for you, and me, and everybody – is more JOY (furaha in Swahili).

Miriamu (Fall 2009)

I believe joy is best expressed through laughter. It is the most truthful manifestation of joy, for me. I can’t fake a laugh. Every laugh is totally genuine. If there is one thing I wish for in my next year on earth, it is more laughs, more glee, more joy.


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