V is for Victory

(Ring from qacreate)

Today V is for VICTORY! Today is a day to dance on tables. First, I FINALLY (after nearly one year) made a connection that has a hope in hell of producing the kind of results I WANT in building a relationship between the Partnership and the Nursing community. People we have lift off! I met with this totally RAD researcher/prof named Lynn from the Faculty of Nursing at University of Manitoba who was a fountain of ideas. This was a dramatic change for me since I tend hear a lot of “that won’t work” or “you can’t do that” or “people don’t have time”. Basically, I rarely find someone who won’t rain on my parade. But today I met someone who is LEADING the parade. Her research and teaching is all around community health and finding those critical connections to build capacity and empower the individual. On an equally important note, Lynn, has an amazing personal story and we spent a lot of time talking about her MUSICAL daughter who she adopted from Vietnam (which also starts with a V by the way) nearly 10 years ago. Both she and her daughter are true iNSPiRATiONS.

Mike also has some great things to celebrate and let’s face it, VICTORY for him is like a lifestyle. I tease him that he was born under a lucky star but it’s his TENACITY (and powers of persuasion) that translates into achievement. He has just finished a very successful final round of in-firm interviews for summer associate positions and has had great reception from his top two choices. So Thursday night we are off to celebrate by stuffing ourselves at Dhaba with some delectable Indian food and clinking glasses in the name of VICTORY.


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