Fortune telling

Cootie catcher- Cox and Cox

(Photo via Cox & Cox)

I came across a “new” trend which is really a throw-back to a childhood game from the 1980s. No idea who came up with the idea of a cootie catcher but I do know that as little girls – my friends and I spent many an hour playing this game. These little fortune tellers are back and in great demand. How cute! I could see them being an adorable diversion on NYE. But since I spent an hour this morning hand cutting French calendars for our “welcome bags”, I cannot possibly justify another little project. Nope! I said I wouldn’t and I won’t. 😉

Instead I am shifting my attention to upcoming holidays (Halloween is almost here!) and birthdays. My mom’s b-day is this Friday – (send her good birthday vibes ok?) – and my plans for that were wrapped up in September (ha! I am so efficient!).

I am dreaming up this amazing little scheme for Mike’s birthday. If I have the guts to pull it off, neither he nor I will EVER forget it. It would most definitely fall into the category of “grand gesture” and it would be a BLAST. I’m going to put on my little detective hat and start investigating.

But before I get too ahead of myself, I still have REAL work to get done and there are important decisions to make about iNSPiRED and Options’ collective and individual strategic directions. So we are heading into a heavy thought and planning process this afternoon. In a way, we will be doing some fortune telling of our own.

This is what the cosmos has to say about my life this month.

For the most part, October is a time of repose, of tying up loose ends, and perhaps letting go, dear Scorpio. However, career matters are dynamic, busy, and strong from mid-month. You are feeling considerably more ambitious when it comes to professional matters. Sensitive issues or secrets are coming to light this month, and should be handled with care. The last week of the month brings a strengthening of personal spirit as well as increased focus, energy, and confidence. New responsibilities and commitments are presenting themselves, and you feel confident about taking them on.


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