The art of marriage

The weekend has come and (nearly) gone. Since I resolved to be done with this business of weddings by the end of October, I am excitedly turning my attention to the art of marriage. I am trying to remind myself that “getting married” is just an event but “being married” is a lifelong adventure. (In other words there is plenty to look forward to.) I was rambling through the writings of Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo on the topic of “marriage” and I stopped on this post (actually written by Abbey of Abbey Goes Design Scouting). This is exactly my philosophy. Mornings with Mike when we are together are pretty sacred and I intend to preserve this. Coffee. Croissants. Cuddling. Conversation.  

Speaking of marriage, I attended a beautiful engagement party last night for friends, Sanela and Brian. It was a lovely gathering at which I got to re-connect with some gals I hadn’t seen in quite some time. Although I was feeling under the weather and generally down-in-the-dumps, I must say the warm atmosphere and smiley people really lifted my spirits.

As I was contemplating what my inscription would be in Sanela and Brian’s engagement card, I realized that I now expect more of marriage than what the standard “wishing you every happiness” allows. I wanted my personal note to them to be meaningful and a genuine reflection of what I hope my (and everyone’s) marriage is – adventuresome and passion-filled.  So that’s what I wrote. I’ll bet you don’t see those words written on many engagement cards. And it’s a terrible shame too. 😉


Congratulations to the lovely couple!


One thought on “The art of marriage

  1. We were honored by your donation to the Cancer Society and your card. And we think “adventuous and passion-filled” does sum it up nicely. We are grateful you came and even more grateful to come you and Mike our friends.

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